Pressure Washing Business Makes $500/Day (Find Out How) Pt. 1

Should you start a pressure washer business? It’s an excellent option for aspiring business owners, with big revenue potential, consistently high demand, and a low barrier to entry. We’ll find out exactly what it takes (and how to do it right) in this 2-part interview.

Ryan Woods started Emerald City Power Washing in 2019 after years of working as a general contractor. That experience helped him grow his pressure washing business to a six-figure revenue in his first full year—impressive by any standards, and especially so considering the extra challenges businesses faced in 2020.

In this interview, Ryan shares his secrets for how to start a pressure washing business with maximum revenue potential. He’ll tell us what initial budget and equipment you need for starting a power washing business. We’ll also find out how he built his brand and client list over Emerald City’s first year and how many customers it takes to reach six-figure earnings.

Emerald City Power Washing stands out from their competition with unique services like roof/gutter cleaning and environmentally-friendly options. Today, Ryan tells us how he chose the services he offers and which ones generate the most demand and profit. We’ll also find out how he hires and trains his staff to ensure the quality of Emerald City’s services and what role that plays in keeping customers coming back.

If you’re in the power washing business (or thinking of getting started) you’ll definitely want to hear Ryan’s advice. You can find out more about him and his company at

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1:39 Why The Pressure Washing Business?
2:29 Initial Budget
3:51 The Business Plan
5:12 Monthly Expenses
6:57 Breaking Even
8:12 Equipment Costs
9:16 Yearly Revenue
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10:31 Equipment Costs Pt. 2
11:41 Marketing and Technology Budget
13:49 Target Markets
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