How To Find The Best Phone System For Small Business

Hello, I’m Bill McCormick. I work with Ideacom Midwest in St. Louis Missouri. A lot of business owners are asking how to find the best phone system for small business. I’m going to guide you through a process that will help you get the very best business telephone system for your small business.

Start with size. Make a determination of how much you plan to grow in the next five years in terms of employees that will need an office phone. Make sure whatever you buy will accommodate your growth. Be sure to ask the vendor if any of the features added take away from the growth potential. Although some systems grow without replacing
the telephone instruments the entire main unit sometimes has to be replaced to go beyond
certain sizes. Those are referred to as fork lift upgrades and you should know about them in advance and avoid them.

The next thing you will want to consider is the feature set that you want. There are systems
on the market today that have dozens of features. Get familiar with all the features available.
Make a list of features that you absolutely will not do without. List the features that you
would like to have, a list of “that would be nice but not necessary” and finally a list of the features you don’t want. Keep in mind many systems come bundled and you don’t have to pay for features. As long as there is no cost take all you can get. It is also a good idea to try to project future feature needs if you can.

The company installing and servicing your new small business phone system is the next thing to explore. Good companies have good references and lots of them. Longevity, number of certified technicians and depth of the organization does matter. An office telephone system is the beginning of a 5 to 15 year service relationship; so get your new phone system from a company you can trust.

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